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SMS/Text Messaging available, and even recommended. Please keep in mind that while HART will *GET* your text message immediately, he may not respond immediately - but he will! As a follow up, it helps HART if you actually leave a message - in case of research, or if he has to pull the files or obtain information - instead of referring to another message left on a different platform.


Hartley B. Singer (aka HART) is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, and Proprietor of HBS Management Consultants.

HART and all of his online and offline business activities are divisions of HBS Management Consultants.

HART is an Accountant, Bookkeeper, Income Tax Preparer, Systems Consultant, Blogger, Marketer, Canadian, Husband, Pet Owner, Canadian, Earthling, Brilliant & Amusing. HART's mind works in mysterious ways and someone should take advantage of that!

More about HART can be learned at his personal website


I (as in Hartley B. Singer aka HART) specialize in accounting systems in computerized environments. I have developed comprehensive internal information systems and have worked with hundreds of businesses in a microcomputer environment with a focus on the bottom line improvements to the organizations involved.

My experience includes 18 years working in Chartered Accountancy firms, between 1985 and 2003, with responsibilities including the preparation of operational management reports, audit work, tax planning and assistance with the set-up, implementation and review of client's books. I have been involved with family businesses all my life, first as the general bookkeeper learning all the software and familiarizing with all the hardware growing up since 1976, then as a Controller and partner with my two brothers in a merchandising company, and then finally on my own proprietorship operating under the brands 1800HART and ABITPAC since 2003. Each represents and helped mold my vast experience in almost all aspects of business, and is contained in what I call, my "offline" business division of HBS Management Consultants.

I have an in-depth knowledge of many off-the-shelf and cutting edge software programs for accounting, spreadsheets, word processors, and databases, as well as familiarity with networking and programming and not so off-the-shelf programs that I may still use, based on MS-DOS. My accounting knowledge is what makes my training abilities and advice much greater than strictly being a computer or accounting "technician", as I will help to assure that proper systems of control are in place. I can prepare and file all types of personal and corporation tax returns and can help you be compliant.

I am experienced and familiar with many accounting software programs and apps, but for offline work I tend to prefer my own accounting software for client write-ups and for online cloud accounting prefer to use Quickbooks Online (QBO) as my go-to software. I hope to encourage my existing clients to convert to an online cloud-based accounting software, and hope to engage with new clients with the same emotional and business attitudes that I tend to enjoy! But, I remind my clients that just because "you can" doesn't always mean "you should". You need to do what's right for you and your business.


HBS Management Consultants was created February 1, 1991 derived from HART's initials. HART has been involved with and used Desktop Computers - for business - ever since the release of the Apple IIe (1984) working with Apple, IBM, Amstrad and the various types of hardware during its evolvement to what it is today. HART has been ONLINE since March 1995 with a website since November 1995 and on the internet socializing and selling on ebay and expanding his horizons!

Before "EMAIL" addresses were even popular, HART had embroidered his email address (instead of name) on his Melton Leather Jacket and this jacket toured England and Sweden in 1996. Above was a glimpse of HART's Jacket taking a double decker bus tour in London, UK shortly after the famed "Channel Tunnel Fire" November 18. 1996.

Needless to say HART HAS EXPERIENCE online with regards to marketing, website design and hosting, and social media. If you need to grow your business, or even get online with a "business card" site like this one HART CAN HELP. If you need to get better hosting and move or create a Wordpress blog HART CAN HELP. If you need help and ideas how to get more customers or get more leads or wonder just how Facebook Advertising works HART CAN HELP. HART has a bunch of blogs, websites, ecommerce stores, marketing offers and other pages and websites online. You can browse some of his public sites here HART-NETWORK or his online marketing agency here 62-151 Media Group .. all part of the HART-Empire Network, divisions of HBS Management Consultants, a proprietorship of Hartley B. Singer. If you need Website Hosting .. HART even has that here at Too Wired Hosting.



Please Note: I am Canadian and only prepare the following tax returns here in Canada.
  • Personal Income Tax Preparation and Efiling services
  • Corporation Income Tax Preparation and Efiling services (in conjunction with your Year End)
  • Preparation of Amended Returns and T1 Adjustments
  • Preparation and filing of T4/T4A/T5 Summary and Supplementary slip preparation

  • NOTE: Efilers in Canada are subject to application renewals, approved by Canada Revenue Agency on a yearly basis.


  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation
  • Annual Financial Statement Preparation
  • Review of financial information
  • Notice to Reader preparation
  • Shareholder and Owner Remuneration
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Please Note: I do not perform Review Engagements or Audit Reports, and in some cases your banker may not even prefer that I prepare Notice to Reader Reports in certain provinces. While I am experienced, I do not hold any designation initials after my name.


    Please Note: I work with what you have and recommend what you need that can let me help you. I have stopped recommending (officially) hardware and software brands and models nor do I earn any commissions from recommending any software or hardware brands.
  • Financial forecasts and planning
  • Budgets and cash flow projections
  • Break Even Calculations
  • General Business Consulting
  • Review of the day-to-day duties of your accounting and bookkeeping staff
  • Training day-to-day duties of your accounting and bookkeeping staff
  • Systems and consulting


    Please Note: For monthly reporting such as PST and Payroll, I prefer to train you how to do that.
  • Monthly Employee calculations and Employer remittances
  • Provincial Sales Tax (PST) reporting and calculations
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) reporting
  • T4/T4A/T5/WCB and other Compliant employee reporting
  • Training and assistance


    Please note: What do you need? It never hurts to ask if HART can help with:
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Monthly financial Statements and adjustments
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Accounting in a computerized environment
  • Data Entry - Sales, A/R, Collections
  • Data Entry - Payables, Bill payments
  • Canadian Payroll - Calculations, Cheque Preparation, Software reommendations
  • Loan Amortizations
  • Training and assistance





    I will prepare unaudited annual financial statements, usually in either a bound or unbound format. The financial statements may be either computerized statements, or formal "typed"-looking statements. There may or may not be any Notes to The Financial Statements. A NOTICE TO READER is a 'Compilation Engagement'. I generally receive information supplied by the client and arrange it to form a financial statement. My concern is that the information is arithmetically correct, not false or misleading. The Notice to Reader includes a comment that "I have not audited, reviewed or otherwise attempted to verify the accuracy or completeness of such information. Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes." Engagements will include tax planning, correspondence (if necessary) with Canada Revenue Agency, and filing a Corporation T2 Income Tax Return.


  • If I perform monthly accounting, I should have most of the transactions
  • If you are using Accounting Software, we need reports
  • Hard copy of your Balance Sheet at the Year End date
  • Hard copy of Income Statement of entire Year (should agree to figure on Balance Sheet)
  • Trial Balance (required), General Ledger or your data on disk (preferred)
  • Year End lists (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory)
  • Copy of Year End Bank statements with Bank Reconciliation
  • Copies of all Capital Asset Purchases during the year
  • Copy of your last GST and PST Return filed and outstanding at year end
  • Copies of any Loan Balance Statements as at year end date
  • Copies of any income tax assessments received throughout the year
  • Any unrecorded items, such as items paid by cash not yet repaid
  • Any other significant information we should know
  • A signed engagement letter on file
  • Prior to (e)Filing a signed RC59 Business consent for online access by Hartley B. Singer as a representative with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for all years



    I will prepare (without audit) monthly or quarterly computerized financial statements from information provided by you. I will enter from either posting sheets or excel recaps that you provide to us via fax or email. I can enter your income and expense transactions from source documents such as your cheque stubs, deposit books, etc. If you provide recaps or lists, they will be incorporated into the financial statements (inventory, payables, receivables, etc). There may be minor bookkeeping adjustments needed during preparation. I can assist in developing suitable posting sheet or recaps to minimize our time spent, including coding instructions.

  • Summary Posting Sheets or Excel recaps (summaries)
  • Cheque Stubs, Deposit recaps, Credit card statements, (source documents)
  • Copy of month-end Bank Reconciliation (if you reconcile bank)
  • Bank statements (if we reconcile bank)
  • List or recap of Accounts Payable at month-end
  • Any unrecorded items, such as items paid by cash not yet repaid
  • Any other significant information I should know
  • A signed engagement letter on file



    I will prepare (without audit) your annual T1 Income Tax Return from information provided by you. You will receive a summary and "Client Copy" of your final tax return (e)filed.


  • If married, both returns should be prepared at the same time
  • Verification of your birthdates
  • Children's names and birthdates
  • Employment income slips (T4, T4A, T4E, T4PS, etc)
  • Pension and Other Benefit slips (T4RIF, T4A(P), T4A(OAS), T4RSP, etc)
  • Investment slips (T3, T5, T101, T5013, etc)
  • Security transactions (Brokers' statements, shares sold in year, ACB of shares, etc)
  • Details of Rental properties and operations
  • Self Emlployment information (income, expenses, capital asset additions)
  • For unincorporated proprietorships or partnerships, any Financial Statements that may have been prepared
  • Automobile Expenses (if self-employed, business/total KM, vehicle expenses)
  • Copy of leased automobile documents, car purchases
  • Details of Home Office (size of office, size of home, expenses)
  • Deduction slips (RRSP, Dues, Interest paid on investments, Medical, Donations, etc)
  • Details of Home Buyers Plan
  • Income tax instalments made for the taxation year
  • Your phone and optional fax number where we can contact you - if we need more information
  • Prior to engagement a signed T1013 authorizing online access by Hartley B. Singer as your Representative to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for all years
  • Prior to efiling a signed T183 Declaration of reported income and tax amounts will be required
  • Memo this may or may not be a complete list



  • Current Contact Mailing Address
  • Current Phone and Fax numbers (home, work, cell)
  • Current Email address
  • PIPEDA Letter
  • Engagement Letter


  • Copy of your last T1 Income Tax Return filed with CRA
  • Copy of your latest Notice of Assessment from CRA
  • Signed T1013 Authorizations for Representing a Client and online access


  • Copy of your last T2 Corporation Tax Return filed with CRA
  • Copy of your last Notice of Assessment from CRA
  • Copy of your last published Financial Statements
  • Copy of Incorporation Certificates and Share Structure/Ownership
  • List of authorized individuals that information can be discussed with
  • Signed RC59 Authorizations for Representing a Client and online access



    Billing Rates And Fees

    Invoices are due when presented. Billings are based on time spent plus disbursements. Quotes in advance may be supplied if requested.

    PLEASE NOTE: I consider my rates highly reasonable. I am a fast typist, and I know what I'm doing. I also an excellent Multi-Tasker. I am set in my ways of doing things the most simplest and fastest way possible, if I can, and with the programs I am most familiar with. My standard rates while working in a Chartered Accountant's firm back in the 1990's were well ranged between $75 and $100 per hour (CDN$). Although, HART is not a Chartered Accountant nor does he have any designated initials after his name and relies on his experience and skills. So, we recognize your right to negotiate.

    If there are overages or unexpected delays, I will let you know. I reserve the right to suggest improvements in your procedures or accounting in order to reduce my time I spend on your file. The more organized and complete your accounting material is, the less time is required to complete the job. Jobs brought in late or near filing deadlines will generally cost more than a job brought in early. It's a fact. It also takes more time spent picking up a job, and stopping, then picking it up again - due to missing information or delays. For delays resulting from our end HART routinely offers a discount on the final invoices.

    Despite all of the above, there are some jobs that have explicit implied value pricing being initiated. My experience over the past 35'ish years allows my intuition and judgement to get it done right, or seek consultation from a higher level to specialist in their field to assist or provide direction for me. Given this fact, I still basically charge my time out by the hour, and add an administrative disbursement fee for T1 personal income tax returns and T2 and T4 processing, to cover paper and software costs. I do not charge disbursements or admin fees on monthly or quarterly acccounts, but I might charge 1/2 my time travelling one-way to your location for delivery or pickup of information - which I think is fair - as I tend to multi-task personal outings with client outings and meetings while I'm out (because I work in my basement most of the time!)

    Current Hourly Rate

    Effective July 1, 2019 - HART's current hourly rate is: $90.00 CDN$ per hour.


    All invoices are due when presented. You may pay my invoices by either CASH, CHEQUE or credit card.

    For credit card options, payments must be made in person. I offer SQUARE REGISTER in which, I swipe your credit card on a gadget attached to my smartphone.

    Payments can also be sent to HART's paypal account ... [email protected]

    However, both Paypal and Credit Card payment options costs additional fees to HART. If you are unable to pay by cash or cheque ... INTERAC EMAIL TRANSFER is the best and PREFERRED way, and will only cost HART $1.50 fees. Please use your Canadian Banking Online Email Transfer function and send payment to HART's GMAIL account [email protected]. Please do not forget to tell (or email) HART what the password is to accept payment - or, use the actual invoice number YYYY-MMDD that you are paying.

    (aka HART)